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Closeburn Country Garden
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Welcome to Closeburn Country Garden.

We carry a vast range of quality plants including shade trees, shrubs, fruit trees, ground covers, ornamental grasses,  herbs, vegetable seedlings, exotic, and drought tolerant plants.  Most plants are sold in 140mm and 175 mm pots; however, at various times more advanced stock or tubestock may be available.

Our speciality is in native Australian plants (especially grevilleas) and plants indeginous to the area. The native plants we stock are resistant to the "Myrtle Rust" disease.  We don't stock any of the plants affected by this disease as we prefer not to use the chemicals used to treat it. Therefore, we don't stock Acmena;  Austromyrtus;  Backhousia; Callistemon; Eucalyptus; Eugenia; Leptospermum; Melaluca; Metrosideros; Myrtus; Syzygium (Lilly Pilly); Waterhousea.

Please feel free to drop by and look at our well maintained, sun-hardened plants.

Or talk to our expert-friendly team of Horticulturists and Landscapers about your gardening needs.

We hope to see you soon! Happy gardening.

OPEN 7 DAYS 9:00am - 4:00pm

Follow our Facebook page to see our latest specials, plant information and to hear about our upcoming sales! 🌿😊❤

Closeburn Country Garden Cheap Plants and Produce

1850 Mt Samson Road
Closeburn, QLD 4520
Phone: 07 32891057
Email: Open 7 Days 8:30am - 5:00pm


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